What 's A Better Way For My Confidence Back Up Then Getting Another Guy Me?

What 's A Better Way For My Confidence Back Up Then Getting Another Guy Me?

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I nibbled lightly on Samuel 's ear. He moaned softly as I pressed my lips onto his neck. I was sitting with my legs parted on either side of him. Sam is Axel 's best fighter in the pack and he was easy. I didn 't have to do much to convince him to kiss me. We were in the front seat of his truck in front if the school.
My long black hair acted like a curtain, making sure that no one could look in at us. Sam ran his hands down my sides and they stopped on my butt, admiringly. My dress was halfway up so the bottom half of my pink underwear was showing and the top if the dress was slopping down more than it normally does, but I didn 't really care. I just needed some way to get my confidence back after being totally embarrassed and shot down last night by Axel. What 's a better way to build my confidence back up then getting another guy to admire me?
I ran my hand through his hair and pressed my body closer to him. He had his head shaved on both sides but it was long on the top of his head. He kissed my collarbone affectionately and I looked over his shoulder to check my watch. Class starts in ten minutes which means that Axel and the rest of the pack should be getting here in about three minutes when he would park his truck in the spot right next to Sam 's truck. Plenty of time.
I kissed Sam 's lips again, tenderly. My lips moved quickly over his and I heard him moan in pleasure. I smiled against his lips, but he managed to bite my lip once or twice. Sloppy. He kissed down on my collarbone again and I glanced past him to see Axel 's truck stopped at the stop light in front if the school. They 're early today.
Time to make myself look good for him. I tried to slide off of Sam 's lap, but he had a firm grip around my waist. I sat st...

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...ungrily. "Skip class with me." He whispered.
"You know I can 't do that. I 've already gotten to many absences this semester." I covered as I looked at him from under my eye lashes.
"Well, I 'm having a party tonight. Care to attend?" He asked with a slight twinge of disappointment in his eyes.
I shook my head slightly. "I can 't I have plans with Axel tonight. You know, my real boyfriend?" I said raising my eye brows at him.
He snorted and dropped his arms from beside my head. "You know that you can 't have a real boyfriend Ivy. You 're just one of those girls that gets bored with one guy so you have them all instead. You wouldn 't last with one boyfriend. But hey, if you get bored tonight with Axel, come find me." He said with a wink as he walked into his classroom.
"Hmm. Challenge accepted." I whispered and walked into my classroom to take my seat next to Axel.

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