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Marketing Dental Floss

Flossing: A new secret to good health?

Dental floss is one of those products we never notice on the shelves in the stores and never pay too much attention to in our bathroom. At the same time for many people it is a part of the “before going to bed” ritual along with brushing teeth, taking shower, etc. and etc. Those who don’t use it on regular basis still have it in their bathrooms, because:
1. A mouth hygiene care item in regards to which everybody wants to be unlike everybody and thus follows the traditional patterns. It’s the way it is for years – dental floss regular item in a regular bathroom picked up at a regular store right next to toothbrush and toothpaste.
2. Sometimes it’s an extremely useful means of eliminating unwanted stuff stuck between your teeth.
3. It doesn’t even take much space on your shelf :)) It doesn’t cause any inconveniences.
Besides everybody knows the common truth about dental floss:
Flossing helps clean teeth in the areas that brushing alone just cannot reach (between the teeth and under your gum line). Flossing and then brushing helps remove plaque, a sticky substance that accumulates and hardens over time. Left untreated, plaque deposits can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Being currently in maturity stage of its life cycle with rather steady curve, showing no surprises for a product in this category, floss has great potential for conquering the market again and experience its new growth stage resulting in turning the trend upwards as opposed to slightly declining current trend. It has that potential same as milk does. It’s “very good for your health” and the target segment includes adults and heavily involves kids, what gives a hope to raise a generation of heavy users.

What has already been done in this direction:
Many developments in dental floss came about in an attempt to make flossing more appealing to children and adults. Flavored flosses and multi-colored flosses were attempts to inspire children to floss regularly. Parents have always been able to offer incentives to their children to brush and floss.

Until now, the parent never really had the means to determine whether the child was actually compliant. Intuitively, children usually don't have the motor skills t...

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...nection strengthening should be analyzed and ranked in urgency and/or potential impact basis, some concepts are to be checked for correctness (as soon as they are first time expressed ideas) , and afterwards implemented as marketing actions and components of company philosophy.
7. communication strategy should involve channels, that allow to enhance awareness and keep brand loyalty (for individual brands – price and points of difference should be stressed, when applicable), meaning keeping the consumer from switching to substitute products. The message to be used in promotion is inconvenience of unavailability of floss when it’s necessary and discomfort as a result (meaning making the consumer, plus


Three simple steps to flossing:

A. Using 18 inches of dental floss, wrap it lightly around your middle fingers.
B. Firmly grasp the dental floss with your index fingers.
C. Forming a C-shape, carefully slide the floss up and down between your tooth and gum line and gently slide the floss in between both sides of your teeth.

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