A Shot In The Air

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From an early age I always knew I would be playing soccer my whole life. My dad showed me the ropes of how to play and got me interested right away. By the age of three I had started playing, and to this day I have not stopped. Soccer has been a huge part of my life and I don’t know where I would be today if I never played. I met some amazing people playing soccer including my coaches who encouraged me and told me never to give up as well as my teammates who became my friends and were always there for me.

Having my dad as my coach was a great factor in my soccer career. Even though he was hard on me, he pushed me to do my best. Without him on the sidelines I wouldn’t have became the soccer player I am today. I found myself spending more time with my dad than I would have if I never played soccer. Playing soccer with him really brought us together and we have a great relationship because of it.

Playing soccer has also brought my family closer together. Both my parents and my sisters would come to all my games and support me. No matter the outcome of the game my family was always there for me. My family has been at my important games and the games that I am not so proud of. Even though they have seen the worst of the sport I still love having them watching me play. They have been the reason I have never given up. And I love making them proud. In the past year, my travel team folded and I thought that I would never have another team to play on. It was very upsetting knowing that I would not be playing with the same girls that I have played with my entire life. Yet, I joined an intramural team and started playing again. I played on a co-ed team for two more years before I graduated high school. On the intramural tea...

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...the last five minutes. We dribbled the ball down to the end of the field, faked out the defense and chipped a shot.


All I remember was all the girls on my team screaming and running towards me. Luckily, I was at the right place at the right time and headed the ball into the net. I scored the winning goal and it felt amazing. We won the championship!

Over the years, soccer has changed me as a person. I love thinking back at the great memories I had playing soccer. I plan to never stop playing soccer. Hopefully, I will play on the club team at Shippensburg and never give it up. This was one of my most memorable moments in my life playing soccer. Through soccer I made friends, learned how to be a team player and helped me bring my family closer together. If it wasn’t for soccer I wouldn’t be who I am today and I am very grateful for this.
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