What Makes A Teacher? Essay

What Makes A Teacher? Essay

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Defining what makes a teacher particularly special and great is not something easy to do. All teachers possess certain qualities that make them unique, and depending on numerous factors such as school setting, personality of students, class size, etc., such qualities may turn out to be effective or ineffective. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes a teacher’s efforts worthwhile, because it is not necessarily a value or statistic that can be calculated numerically. How can one go about determining whether such extraordinary pedagogy is present? It is a matter of whether or not students scored high on standardized tests, whether they enjoyed coming to school everyday, whether they were successful throughout the rest of their academic careers? Or is pinpointing a great teacher determined by school administration, rigorous and thorough evaluations to ensure that the curriculum is being taught, and all necessary protocols and appropriate behaviors are being performed? Such a question is the dilemma that these two articles by Edward Ducharme and Elizabeth Green are trying to address. Their goal is to not only determine what qualities are indicative of great teachers, but educate others about their findings, particularly future teachers like ourselves, and how such great qualities can be attained, in order to improve and better the next generation of educators that will be entering the school work force.
For me, being a great schoolteacher could mean multiple things, but I feel that there are certain foundational qualities and characteristics that teachers should possess in order to relate to their students and be successful in the classroom. For example, teachers should have an innate desire to want to help and h...

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...tion, to ensure that it aligns with the curriculum. Teachers are being strictly evaluated and monitored, and performance is being assessed based on student’s standardized test score. Teachers must report progress in the form of SGOs (student growth objectives) to guarantee that they are doing their job and students are meeting appropriate proficiency levels. The bureaucracy involved with the education system has become increasingly more rigorous and complex. In general, I would like to have a better understanding of what I can expect my political and administrative duties as a teacher to be outside of the classroom, such as those mentioned previously, beyond the lesson plans and day to day student interaction. The teaching profession has grown to be so much more than this, and has taken a major forefront in political matters, which are important to be educated on.

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