Teach for America: Ensuring A Good Education for Students in Need

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According to the article, What Makes a Great Teacher?, a student's education solely depends on the teacher alone and how he or she performs in the classroom. In this case, I am in favor of having the program, Teach for America, ensuring a good and ever-changing education for those students in need. The videos embedded within the article gives a clear depiction of what a “good” teacher appears and acts like in front the classroom. These examples derive from actual teachers working with Teach for America illustrating a successful teacher and classroom. Although the Motivator, Tour Guide, Manager, and Connector are all great examples for teachers, current teachers should not epitomize and mimic one example but parallel all. I believe that a great teacher includes qualities from all four examples. Great teachers should not only be able to stimulate and induce an interest in learning but also engage with the projects and lessons, transcends discipline, and be able to incorporate modern ideas and experiences within the classroom. Becoming just the Motivator or just the Tour Guide will not have an effective education onto his or her classroom. But keep in mind, like the title states: what makes a great teacher? What makes him or her different from other teachers? And lastly, what are they doing different? Teach for America is an important program for today's and future education because it establishes contemporary thoughts and teachings. Like Kuhn states, “society is changing so fast” (Kuhn). Due to this belief, education is transforming and it is the teacher's priority to keep up with this pace. Teachers from Teach for America, or even great teachers within current education, are constantly reinventing their teaching styles and les... ... middle of paper ... ... started: low-performing school with students who do not use their full potential. Many applicants for Teach for America often ignore the consequences of Teach for America including the chance of a decrease of the child's progression, the unforeseeable outliers who remain under par, and being unprepared for the future as a teacher. Ultimately, I am very fond of Teach for America regardless of the concerns. The teachers participating in this program are creating a difference within the classroom and across the nation. So finally, what makes a great teacher? I believe a great teacher is one who cares about his or her student and is willing sacrifice their time for them. One who is willing to engage and challenge each of them for the betterment of their lives. It is often said that kids are the future but it is the teacher who educate them who makes the difference.

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