What I Learned About The Group Project Essays

What I Learned About The Group Project Essays

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When beginning the group project, I was unsure of which commodity I would chose. I wanted to choose something that I knew a little about, but not something that I had previously learned about. I have found that when I do not know much about the topic, I am able to better research it. Originally, in the early stages of the group project, I chose to research salt. While being something that I obviously knew about, I was aware of the history. After doing some research on it, I learned a lot, but I was not sold on choosing that for my commodity.
Soon after, the time came to pick my commodity for the group project, this time I chose coal over salt. The reasoning behind this was rather simple. After researching salt, I was not sure how in-depth I was going to be able to be in terms of my research and project as a whole. Coal, like salt, is something that I knew about before, but I was unaware of the historical origins. I had previously taken a geology course, which helped me feel more confident about my decision to choose coal. Finally, I chose coal because I was interesting in learning more about the commodity ever since hearing about how it played such an influential role in the Industrial Revolution in Britain as a part of the triangle of production.
Upon meeting with my group officially for the first time, I was already thinking about finding a way to research more about the Industrial Revolution in Britain; again with coal playing such a major role in this, I was curious to find more information on the topic. After signing up for the political examples of coal, I began looking for how I could tie in the Industrial Revolution with a political example. One of the first sources I found helped me to make the connection. “Parliament’s ...

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...nd clean up this mess. After receiving feedback on my slides, I found that keeping this second part out would make the example clearer. Both of these rulings had effects on Scotland politically, because the first act was one to set up the second, which allowed colliers and salters to be free from their servitude.
Overall, I thought that I was able to explain each of my examples thoroughly and show why they were politically important. While the example of the Industrial Revolution was easier to find sources than the Act of Parliament in 1775 in Scotland, it did not stop me from finding sources to help drive home my points. I believe I was able to pick out two very important examples that relate to the history of coal. I certainly learned a lot more about the history of coal and I hope I was able to be influential in sparking some interest in others about its history.

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