Essay on What I Consume And How It Affects My Body

Essay on What I Consume And How It Affects My Body

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This assessment project has been very beneficial to achieving and living a healthier lifestyle. This project allowed me to gain valuable insight to what I consume and how it affects my body. One thing I never really worried about throughout my life is my diet. Every since I was young I’ve always had a rather fast metabolism. Many people would consider me to be fortunate because it’s a blessing to have, but however I feel like it’s also been seen as a curse. Throughout my life gaining weight was a difficult challenge. I would have to consume about 6-8,00 calories daily just to maintain weight. No matter what I did I could never gain weight. This is until I was in the Marines. It was physically and mentally demanding. In addition to that with the help of my fellow Marines in weightlifting I went from being a scrawny 125lbs kid at age of 18 to a more solid 190lbs at the age of 23. It took a lot of work, but in the end was worth it.
Things that trouble me the most are any genetically inherited diseases that is associated with my eating habits. There are many health risks that run on my...

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