What Experiences During Middle Adulthood? Essay

What Experiences During Middle Adulthood? Essay

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As someone who in emerging adulthood, I hardly had an idea of what experiences during middle adulthood is like. With that however, I set out to explore this stage by interviewing someone who could give me a fresh perspective on this time range. My interviewee was my mother -- who is currently at the age of 42, is female, and happily married. Additionally, she comes from a traditional, Vietnamese family, has several siblings, and two teenage children. Furthermore, my interview with her lasted approximately an hour, and was conducted at home after dinner time. In the interview, I chose to focus on three topics during adulthood: generativity, the independent period of the family life cycle, as well as the launching period. With these questions, I hoped to understand better what my mother’s thinking processes are like during this time, in depth. This includes finding out if she has met generativity during this stage according to Erikson, as well as how she currently feels as a parent of an adolescent and an emerging adult.
At the start of the interview, I primarily focused on generativity and its relation in three general areas: parenting, caregiving, and work. I dived into each of these areas and overall, she feels very happy and feels like she has purpose and has accomplished much. Regarding parenting, she feels that children gave her more purpose in life because she now had more responsibility and someone to love and care for. With that, it could be observed that she became much less self-absorbed and more focused on what she could do for someone else -- an essential part of generativity. In addition, she said that her children helped her develop as an adult. Her answer was primarily cognitive-based, where she said that as a paren...

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...ark on the world”. My mother doesn’t feel like she is disconnected from life and is a prime example of what a socially healthy adult looks like. On the other hand, I also learned her perspective as a parent during the independent and launching periods. I found this to be an enriching experience because I only had my own teenage-like view prior to this interview. With an in-depth explanation, I believe I am now more able to understand why my mother made certain choices and why sometimes she was so adamant that what I was doing was wrong (she has more experience, after all). In the end, I can confidently say I have gained a lot of insight about adulthood, and will take this information with me as I continue to interact with my mother and other adults in the future, as well as be aware of the different perspectives of children and parents when I become a parent myself.

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