The Improvement of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

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About twenty percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood (dosomething). This fact is directly related to teenagers’ self-esteem and self-confidence. One’s quality of health relies on their personal levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. For this reason, it is crucial to understand how to improve one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-esteem is the opinion one has of themselves. It is strongly related to how people view themselves and react to the situations that arise in their lives (betterhealth). It can also be expressed as one’s sense of self worth or value and the degree to which we find, respect, and care about ourselves (goodtherapy) Self-esteem corresponds with how we feel within about who we are, it is our relationship with ourselves (counseling). The importance of self-esteem is based on the principle that healthy self esteem acts as armor against the challenges of the world (kidshealth). It influences how a teenager lives their life and with positive self-esteem, a teenager is enabled to accept themselves (teenshealth). High self-esteem is very beneficial to a teenager. Positive self-esteem allows one to have better relationships, ask for help and support, and allows for better development in school. This is because if a teenager believes they can accomplish a goal or solve a problem, they are more likely to do well in school (teenshealth). Also, if one has an appropriate value of self-esteem, they are better able to cope with life’s problems better than people who don’t. They are overall better equipped to survive difficulties (netdoctor). If a teenager is aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they are more likely to feel better about themselves. Therefore, they would have an e... ... middle of paper ... ...nce (counseling). Low self-confidence often results from a teenager that has unrealistic expectations (counselingcenter). Low self-confidence may lead to several mental illnesses. This is because the pressure that teenagers put on themselves to live up to expectations can lead to anxiety or a bruised confidence. Negative thoughts of oneself or their abilities can lead to a downward spiral of underachievements and disappointments (counseling). For these reasons, improving both one’s self-esteem and self-confidence are crucial to improve one’s overall health. Improving both of these topics take attention and daily praise to boost. This is because it takes effort and vigilance to replace the unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that an adolescent has created over time (betterhealth). This skill for improvement can be developed through realistic goal setting and planning.

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