What did King Tut Represent to the Egyptians?

What did King Tut Represent to the Egyptians?

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King Tut wasn’t a famous pharaoh but he did have mighty power.have you ever wondered what King Tut ment to the egyptians. I know I sure do. What's interesting about this question is there’s many many theories but there is only one true answer. Many people don't know who King Tut was, why he has his own tomb or even is King Tut still a major part in Egyptian history. ("King Tut Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2013).
King Tut the12th king of the 18th egyptian dynasty, he had the power from 1361 b.c.e to 1352 b.c.e. During his reign powerful advisers restored the traditional egyptian religion which had been set to the side by his foreigner Akhenaten who had led the “Amama Revolution.” After his death at age 18 he went missing from history until the discovery of his tomb in 1922. King tut was a weak child who ached from a cleft palate and club foot.He began ruling at the age of 9 due to the death of his father at the age of 5.
His brother had already died and he was heir to the throne. He died at the age of 18 due to an infection in the leg. He was known as “The Boy King” because he became king at a young age.After he died, King Tut was mummified according to Egyptian religious tradition, which held that royal bodies should be preserved and provisioned for the afterlife.
(Tutankhamun: The Boy Pharaoh." About.com egyptian History. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.)

The infection turned into gangrene which at the end killed king tut. He’s known as
“the boy king” because he was crowned at a young age.king tut was born in Akhetaten. before he was king(when he was prince) he was known as Tutankhaten. Taking the throne his name was Nebkheperure. King Tut didn’t expand Egypt’s borders or enjoy triumphant victories like many pharaohs that came before him.The birth name of Tutankhamun was Tutankhaten, which meant “Living Image of the Aten.” His father, which remains a mystery, is believed to be Akhenaten, although some evidence points to Amenhotep III.(Tutankhamun." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 11 Dec. 2013. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.)

After he died, King Tut was mummified according to Egyptian religious tradition. The royal bodies have to be preserved and provisioned for the afterlife. So they put them into tombs.He had his own tomb because in their afterlife after they are mummified according to Egyptian religious beliefs and traditions.

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One thing that surprised the world was how small it was.Since King Tut died so young they didn't have a lot of time to get his tomb ready.("King Tut." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 11 Sep. 2013. Web. 14 Nov. 2013.)

King Tut’s tomb was important because they didn’t find it until the 19th century.So King Tuts tomb was important because they had just found in the 19th century .He disappeared from history until the discovery of his tomb in 1922 .Probably one of the best known pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun was a minor figure in ancient Egyptian history.
king tut "Nicholas Reeves"The Complete Tutankhamun: The King, the Tomb, the Royal Treasure (King Tut)

King Tut wasn’t very important as a pharaohs but with all the gold and valuables that were found in his tomb he is known for that and is now a high ranking pharaoh's .This tomb was Discovered In 1922 and was stuffed with gold.He even had a solid gold death mask which was a big surprise. king tut was one of the many pharaohs tombs that were found untouched. King Tut was not known until then.
King Tut was not all that famous in the beginning but when they found his tomb he became the greatest Egyptian king in history. King Tut is now known to all americans.

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