Comparison Of The Great Sphinx And Recumbent Jackals

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The Great Sphinx and Recumbent Jackals are two of the many beautiful pieces of ancient Egyptian art. Both old pieces of work that’s still with us today. The Great Sphinx has gone through some serious rough erosion and so has other monuments that can be seen around the Egyptian world. But even so it still stands tall in Giza, Egypt; as so does many other marvelous sights that Egypt holds. These Two Egyptian Pieces represent many of the ideals and things they believed in. Such as the gods and kings of their time making the “recumbent jackals” and “Great sphinx” of much importance as well as much needed. An Egyptian king was important and powerful to the people of ancient Egypt. Some of the astonishing pieces of work we see today wouldn’t be…show more content…
A sphinx was considered a mythical creature with the body of a lion and a human head. In Giza it represents the face of a king of ancient Egypt. This mythology is not only from Egyptian culture but Persian and Greek as well. There were more sphinxes but on a much smaller scale. Usually they were associated around architectural structures such as royal tombs or religious temples. There were tombs and a temple around the Great Sphinx. This ancient giant piece allures people like a “golden palace”. Seeing a giant sphinx is seeing a great one especially since time hasn’t full caught up to completely destroying…show more content…
Today what they viewed back then could be depicted the same or different. Both representing either a god or king of their time. Both pieces made with easy material that the Egyptians had at their disposal. Carved limestone and carved wood was an easy access to make these divine pieces of art. The time to make for these pieces were drastically different. The Great Sphinx obviously took longer to build with how big it is and with the material they had to carve. Many had to work to construct and finish this monument to their king. This construction took many years and with plenty of workers the Egyptians had it will stand around for hundreds of years. Just as they felt their gods and kings would
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