What Causes Soil Erosion? Essay

What Causes Soil Erosion? Essay

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Humans Screw Up Food Production: An Essay about farmers that Cause Soil Erosion
Soil erosion is one of the most serious threats in our world. Humans cause 40% of soil erosion. Soil erosion is topsoil, which is organic soil made up with rich nutrients. Erosion can be caused by careless farming techniques that lead to water erosion. When it is raining and you are walking to class you can see soil erosion where they have been working besides the English building. Soil erosion and water erosion is practically the same thing. No one will ever notice soil erosion because nobody ever realizes erosion is everywhere we go. So what exactly causes soil erosion? Humans cause soil erosion, farmers, anybody really, cause soil erosion. Farmers do not listen to the soil conservationist. That is the main problem why we have soil erosion. Farmers want to do it their way and with lots of rainfall humans do not help out much. What causes soil erosion? Humans cause soil erosion because of over cropping, farming techniques, and overgrazing.
Overgrazing is one of the worst things to do when it comes to planting crops. Overgrazing occurs when plants are exposed to intensive grazing. Livestock comes in and eats all of the plants. If farmers would just consult their crops and get them out before erosion occurs. Livestock makes a very muddy field and then it rains. There go all kinds of danger down the creek bed. Soil structure influences the ease which soil can be eroded. Soil with a medium to fine texture, a low of organic matter content, and weak structural development are most easily eroded. Typically these soils have low water infiltration rates and therefore are subject to high rates of water. Soil structure is bad for damaging crops out west. Farme...

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... soil with respect. “ We believe that the soil, as well as the world, should be treated as a living organism. Just as we are not simply a compilation of various cells, but a whole that is entirely different than its parts, soil is not just dirt, but a living breathing entity full of organic matter, bacteria, minerals, water and air whose whole is so much greater than the sum of parts.”( Whitecraft, Michele A., and Jr. Bruce E. Huggins. “Casting a Wider Net: Understanding The “Root” Causes of Human-Induced Soil Erosion. “Agriculture 3.4 (2013): 613-628. )
If the world as a whole can come together and the farmers start teaming up with soil scientists it would help soil erosion tremendously, not to mention food production. These old techniques of humans are not working. They get worse and worse each day that is why we have soil conservationists and soil programs.

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