What Are Contrasting Perspectives Of Actions? Essay

What Are Contrasting Perspectives Of Actions? Essay

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What are contrasting perspectives of actions? Robert Collier describes opposing views as “One might as well try to ride two horse moving in different directions, as to try to maintain in equal force two opposing or contradictory set of desires.” These actions that America takes to form a better nation, since the reconstruction era until present day, results in two different reactions: one against and the other one in support. For example opposing views appear in the New Deal. The New Deal meant to help Americans during the Great Depression had supporters as well as opponents. Another example of contrasting thinking in America was progressivism and conservativism. Progressives believed in the idea that the government should be part of all aspects of the people’s lives whereas conservativism believes in not regulating all aspects of the people. Similar contrasting views appear in the Civil Rights Movements and Women’s Rights Movements, one side in support of equality whereas the other side against equality. Furthermore, there have been differing views of particular Supreme Court cases as well, specifically the Munn v Illinois case. These broad reactions serve as platforms for many different movements and beliefs. Although, more specifically these opposing reactions have all been fostered from attempts of making America a greater nation through insuring peace and justice, as well as looking for the betterment for the general population and providing for the common defense.
The Grange Movement was perhaps one of the most contested actions that took place in the United States. The Grange movement was founded in 1867 with the intent to better Farmer’s conditions through the state government. It called attention to the outrageous f...

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...rasting beliefs on race equality became more obvious was during the Brown v Board of Education. In this case the Supreme Court had repealed the decision made in the Plessy v Ferguson case, saying that it is impossible for African Americans to be treated “separate but equal” in public schools, and therefore African Americans are deprived of protection from the law. Many of the schools accepted the decision made by the Supreme Court, others still continued to segregate schools based on race. Many Southerners believed that the Brown v Board of Education case is unconstitutional and declared to allow segregation in public education. In the distinct perspectives of both southern politicians and Civil rights advocates view the decision made by the Supreme Court differently, resulting in two different visions on a decision meant to insure the rights of African Americans.

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