Different Interpretations of the Effects of the New Deal

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Different Interpretations of the Effects of the New Deal

Study the following Interpretations of the effects of the New Deal

(I) The New Deal helped many Americans and by doing this, it gave them

self-respect. It gave them confidence to lift the united states out of


(II) The New Deal wasted a lot of money, it made people dependent on

the government and led to the government becoming to powerful. It did

not solve America's economic problems - the Second World War did that.

Statement 1 is well supported, source B agrees that the New Deal was

positive for America at that time. An American historian wrote it in

1945, he stated 'first comes the restoration of self-confidence'; he

talks as though he has lived through the New Deal and how it has

changed him through personal experience. He then goes on to talk about

all the good things that the New Deal has done for the country such as

Roosevelt sending 3 million young men in the cirvilian freecorps

planting 17 million acres of new forests and build over 6 million dams

to stop arosion. Source B also says how the American people have gone

from depression to excitement. Source H also supports the new deal, it

was written by an American who was helped by the new deal in the very

first sentence of the letter is the statement 'every think is alright

now'. The source goes on to talk about how the president has helped

them; it ends with the phrase 'god bless you'. Source I is a popular

song written in 1936 the lyrics are about how the new deal has helped

the country, it has quotes in it such as 'since Roosevelt has been

re-elected we'll not be neglected,' and 'has got things in full sway,

we're all working and getting our pay.' The people in this source

sound positive and confident as statement 1 suggests. Source K is very

positive about the New Deal as it talks about how the New Deal meant

that ordinary people would have a better chance in life showing that

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