Wellness Programs And Effect On The Workplace Essay example

Wellness Programs And Effect On The Workplace Essay example

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Wellness Programs and the Effect on the Workplace
A wellness program is the employers’ line of attack to cultivating their employees’ health. Wellness programs can range from a multitude of company- sponsored activities in a wide range of areas. Some of these areas are: dieting, exercise, checkups, quitting tobacco programs, and programs to promote physical fitness. Wellness programs can often offer financial incentives to get their employees motivated in participating in the program. (Alic, 2012)
The history of employment wellness dates back to 1879. The Pullman Company of Chicago created employee athletic association. Shortly thereafter in the 1880s the president of National Cash Register was known to meet employees for morning horseback rides before work. The National Cash Register then created twice daily exercise breaks and constructed an employee gym.. In 1911, The National Cash Register constructed a 325-acre recreation park for their employees. In the 1930s, Hershey Foods constructed a recreation complex that included a swimming pool. Then, in the 1950s and 1960s, companies such as Rockwell, Xerox, and Texas Instruments instituted employee wellness programs. (Khoury, 2015)
How Human Relations Implements a Wellness Program
Human relations start to implement an employee wellness program by first doing a Health Risk appraisal. A Health Risk Appraisal is a questionnaire that reviews individual lifestyle practices, some examples are: exercise, smoking, and seat belt use. This questionnaire can give human relations some idea of what health concerns that needs to be addressed. The Health Risk Appraisal can often be provided to a companies’ human relations department free of charge through is health insurance compa...

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...ail it is usually do to the lack of encouragement from the human relations department. (Alic, 2012)
Human relations departments should start small with their employee wellness programs by taking low cost measures to start their wellness programs. The human relations department then needs to promote this program and offer incentives to ensure the wellness programs success. After a low cost wellness programs success, the human relations department then should consider greater expenditures such as gym memberships.
Employee wellness programs have been around since 1879 and continue to work for the employee and employer. The human relations department can never go wrong with a properly structured wellness program. With proper implementation the employee wellness program will increase employee productivity and the companies’ profits will rise.

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