Wellness Is A Peak Internal Happiness Inside Your Mind Essay

Wellness Is A Peak Internal Happiness Inside Your Mind Essay

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What would spring into your head if someone asked you to define wellness? Wellness to me is having a peak internal happiness inside your mind. If you’re emotionally, physically, and socially content with yourself then you should be able to have a wellness which is incredibly high. Wellness could be positive or negative depending on the person’s life and how they handle situations. If you are happy with the wellness of yourself, then the people around you can feed off of the vibes you give off. Working up to a happy and positive wellness could be hard at times, but once you hit it, there is no better feeling.
As we covered in class, there are many factors to personal wellness such as; emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental, etc. The list could go on. Having high levels of wellness in all of these categories is most likely extremely tough and does not happen all at once. At this time in my life right now, I feel that I am beyond happy with my wellness. Achieving this happiness was tough, but I acquired it through difficult life challenges.
I feel...

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