Web 2.0 Technology And Kiwi Experience Essay

Web 2.0 Technology And Kiwi Experience Essay

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Web 1.0 technology, Web 2.0 technology and Kiwi Experience

The Worldwide Web is a very powerful tool that today, many people use all the time for various different reasons from researching and managing information to connecting with family, friends or collegues all around the world. Or even online shopping for clothes and nowadays even groceries. Behind the World Wide Web are information portals called Web 1.0 and 2.0 technology which enables users of the internet to use it in various different ways depending on the technology and what they see in their browsers when surfing the net. Following on, Kiwi Experience is a New Zealand based company owned and operated by Tourism Holdings Limited. It is an adventure bus company that is mostly aimed at the younger generation of travellers. Further on we will discuss what both Web 1.0 and 2.0 technology is and the differences between the two and some suggestions for Kiwi Experience on ways it could utilise Web 2.0 technology more effectively and cause sales to increase if they do so.

What is Web 1.0 Technology?

Basically it is a data display program where users of this technology will then view data within their browsers. Web 1.0 Technology was the first of its kind when the World Wide Web was first created and released to the public and enabled users to view sites on their computers and draw more information from them but they were unable to do anything more with the data that they had viewed as they were all static HTML webpages. For example they could not share the information with other users or respond/ evaluate it, all they could do was look which made it a very one sided, non-personal and a very non-interactive piece of technology to use.

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...eos are very dull, slow, lots of talking and not much doing which is what people, especially younger viewers really enjoy.

So all in all Web 1.0 and 2.0 technology have really shaped the way the World Wide Web is used today in various diferent shapes and forms. Because of this many people, businesses and companys use it as a tool to advertise themseleves to a wider range of people, rather than just advertisements on TV, newspapers and posters etc. But for this to be effective they have to know how to use the technology, sites and social media platforms to really get the full effect they are after. That is what we saw previously with Kiwi Experience, as there are any ways they can improve their marketing skills within these web pages and it could quite easily become a far more popular way to explore New Zealand and all it has to offer.

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