Web Security And Web Privacy Attacks Essay

Web Security And Web Privacy Attacks Essay

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Web security & Web Privacy Attacks:

Introduction and preface to the problem

Web privacy is a key web security concern to almost all the internet users now a days. Lapses in Web security essentially possessing the threat to the privacy loss. All the information related to the personal identity, web browsing history, web activities are some of the essential key concerns that people loose during the web privacy attack. Information revolution spurred in the recent times added to the significance to the problem severity. The ease in the access to the personal information coupled with the ready availability of the personal data made the web privacy attack more and more vulnerable. Web privacy problem stems from two important reasons in general, one is the inherently open, non-deterministic nature of the web as well as the complex leakage prone information flow of many web based transactions involving the transfer of the sensitive personal +information (Jackson,2006).

Diverse ways of the web privacy breach:

The two most popular modes of the personal information storage and dissemination are due to the e-commerce developments, where the business processes captures the information of the user’s personal identity and which will be further available on their storage systems. Any lapse in the web security of these storage systems will make large pool of personal information available to a number of people. Apart from that other key concern of the information is the information available on web through digital governance and digital government formats. During the information storage on the digital governance, any lapse in the web security if exists lot of information will be available to the third parties. There are a number of possible ch...

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...avel with the data and they will set the access protection dynamically.


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