The Weather Is A Safe Essay

The Weather Is A Safe Essay

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The weather is a safe subject to discuss with just about anyone, from acquaintances to your dearest friend. There is an overall consensus that summers are getting warmer and winters are becoming colder. To adventurers, this means longer days on the ski slopes, or an increase of cold treats on the day at the beach. Yet, there is a lack in small talk of the treacherous effects of our changing climate.
Climate change is taking a back seat to many of our issues faced today. With temperatures fluctuating more often, people will continue to be sick or become sick. For example, we are starting to see that seasons are coming earlier, which has already caused an increasing number in respiratory illnesses. Also researchers believe that these issues are at an early stage in the development, and many of the effects will not become predominate for decades to come. “Health systems need to consider climate in terms of natural disasters and fluctuations in disease burden.”(Bulletin of the World Health Organization, November 2007, 85) The change in temperatures could start or cause droughts, and floods that could lead to water related diseases. Changing temperatures affect communities in a number of ways, not just at an individual level. Weather events such as natural disasters can affect an entire country through injury or malnutrition.
Public health is just one piece of the array of impacts of climate change, but as quoted by Andy Haines, Professor from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, “I think the risk of endangering health increases motivation on decision makers because there would be many benefits that strengthen the case for acting now.” In order to bring awareness to how climate change is affecting public health, countries ...

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...rking to keep greenhouse gases at low enough levels to ensure that the climate remains unchanged (National Resource Council, 2010). The UNFCCC believes that they can be successful in reducing greenhouse gases, but only if all nations are participating members within the organization. Members are mandated to report their national volume of emissions and removals, this allows the UNFCCC to monitor its progress. This may seem difficult for some countries to formulate since greenhouse gases are emitted from multiple activities, but the large majority of gases come from very few activities. With sufficient funding to help developing countries obtain accurate census of their emissions, the UNFCCC will be able to track actual progress made internationally. With the nations unionized to combatting the climate change, we are positively impacting public health across borders.

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