The Impacts of Weather on the Mood

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The Impacts of Weather on Mood

“Besides taking a hit on our ability to spend time outside, both in extreme and everyday cases, weather can have a real impact on our health and well-being” (Gregoire). The impact of weather upon a person goes beyond their choice of apparel or their plans for the day; it can directly affect a person’s mood, for better or for worse. Do the dark, gray skies on a rainy day actually cause someone to feel gloomy? Would someone be more prone to smiling if they were feeling the warmth of the sun against their skin? If the general public was surveyed, the majority of people would say that weather has little to no impact on a person’s mood (Grohol). However, with more in depth research and a wider spectrum of people studied, it has been found that there is a strong correlation between weather and one’s mood. Similar to the weather, peoples’ moods are constantly changing. A person’s mood can be affected in various ways, but one of the most common is by the weather. The affects can be severe; ranging from chronic depression to excessive happiness. Although these two phenomena appear to be unrelated, the fact that they are simultaneously changing in relation to each other is an indication that they are indeed associated.

The connection between weather and a person’s mood is found within their basic descriptions. Mood is defined as a temporary state of mind or feeling, with emphasis on the fact that it’s not permanent. When something is temporary, it is only present for a limited period of time. Likewise, weather is defined as the state of the atmosphere at a place and time in regards to heat, dryness, sunshine, etc. For instance, alterations in weather can also cause alterations in mood; “immediately follow...

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