Essay on We Must Look At The Thirty Meter Telescope Project Of Mauna Kea

Essay on We Must Look At The Thirty Meter Telescope Project Of Mauna Kea

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The United States of America was founded, primarily, by those that had been persecuted by large religious organizations. These organizations had close ties to the governing body and would persecute those that did not comply with their religious ideas and arguments. Desperate for change, they arrived in America in search of freedom from those that would oppress them for worshipping God in their own way. Within this essay we shall look at the Thirty Meter Telescope project of Mauna Kea. Does it encroach upon sacred land? Is it worth building, in the name of science? Does the government have the legal right to pick which religions are allowed to thrive and which religious practices may choke and die? Has there been instances before? It is immoral, unjust, and simply wrong to build upon the ancient, sacred land known as Mauna Kea.
Is this plan to build a massive telescope just plain evil? I do not believe so. With the building of this telescope the people of the world will benefit from the researching of questions like, “How did the universe originate?”. Plus, with the massive expanse of the Pacific Ocean completely dark at night with ver, very few major cities to brighten the sky at night, the conditions would be perfect. The people must be on board. It would be wise to let the common man vote on it. They are the ones that will have to see a large foreign object in the skyline of their native homeland 's mountain. I believe measures must be taken to ensure the public that this plan is good for not only them, but everyone as a whole. It would be incredible to have the world unified behind a telescope to see the wonders of our galaxy, but at what cost?
To be able to explain the situation, we must look at an analogical s...

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...theism is the belief in many gods. (Imagine) Their gods ruled over the natural occurrences of the world such as the seas, volcanos, earth, and sky. (Got Religion) One major volcano that was particularly precious to them was Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea was believed to be the place where the sky god met the god of earth; also it was where the other deities met. Basically, Mauna Kea was the Hawaiian Mount Olympus. James "Kimo" Kealii Pihana, a Mauna Kea Ranger mentions that Hawaiians go to Mauna Kea to find their “mana” or divine power. Kealii Pihana is also a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner and believes that it is the Hawaiians sacred duty to care for their island and sacred places. (IFA) With the Thirty-Meter Telescope Project and it 's goals, it will deface the landscape of Mauna Kea. This would cause the Hawaiians to fail at their “Great Commission” in their own backyard.

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