Essay about We Can Diagnose The Damage Caused By An Invasive Species

Essay about We Can Diagnose The Damage Caused By An Invasive Species

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We can diagnose the damage caused by an invasive species by observing the species, by having scientists or volunteers conduct tests in the habitat, use the Early Detection and Rapid Response system (EE&RR), track changes of health problems over time and track losses from farmers and/or other economic interests (Simberloff 99, 171). When tracking health problems over time, we can look at a hospital or emergency records of a disease or bite that was contracted from an invasive species. David Simberloff stated that many types of mosquitoes carried diseases and transmitted them to humans when bitten (105). Diseases along the lines of yellow fever and malaria come from mosquitoes, so when it has transmitted to many humans, they go to the hospital for treatment. If many people come because of the same disease, the hospital will inform the news network who will tell the public on how to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes. However, this will cause a panic in the community, thus making it a disadvantage but still giving awareness and tips on how to prevent getting bitten is an advantage.
Simberloff stated that we lose “24 billion each year” on invasive weeds that harm the crops the farmers grow (99). He also stated that we lose 24 billion each year due to introduced rats. If we keep tracking the losses, we can realize how much impact the invasive species are doing to the natives and figure out a way to take care of it. By taking care of this issue, we can control or eliminate (182) the invasive species by trapping or hunting them, eating them, relocate them back to their native habitat, use for medicine, trading (importing/exporting), chemical control, biological control, burn/chop, harvest, taxes on ...

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...of baby turtles less than four inches, it’s not stopping the sellers from making profit. Second, legal sellers of turtles should educate the buyers on the pros and cons of taking care of a turtle as a pet. We need to inform them that if they don’t want their pet anymore, they should take it to an animal shelter or zoo, give it to a family member or friend, or give it up for public adoption. One can possibly euthanize, or in other words, put it to sleep. Lastly, if the state government paid more attention to the environment and the animals within it, they would give money to the agencies that will fund the workers to do their job and get rid of invasive species. In the end, not all invading species are detrimental and harmful to others, but the majorities are. Native species should not become extinct because of the invaders, only through evolution or the world ending.

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