Biodiversity And Agricultural Biodiversity

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Agricultural biodiversity is the food chains, develop and safeguard that will contribute to feeding the world. Agricultural revolution begins at the wild plant species in various parts of the world. It provides us with a safe source of food. This develops the development of human life, society and culture. Some elements of agricultural biodiversity have made and continue to make appreciable contributions to human diets is scarce and correlating agricultural biodiversity with human nutrition is generally difficult for a number of reasons including human diversity. This explores the linkages between agriculture, food production, nutrition, and the resource base of wild and agricultural biodiversity in the context of increasing global change.…show more content…
It has three main hierarchy which are ecological diversity, organismal diversity and genetic diversity. Agricultural biodiversity also an extension of biodiversity. All species such as crop varieties, animal breeds and other are included. Agricultural biodiversity also included diets, food intake and nutritional to people. Furthermore, habitats and species outside of farming system also involve in agricultural biodiversity. This will benefit agriculture and enhance ecosystem functions. That is also directly managed to supply the goods and services used by a human. On the other hands, it also can affect crops and food production negatively. Agricultural biodiversity is an interaction humans and ecosystem and the species that have. Sometimes this can lead the modification and transformation. Furthermore, the farmer will determine the social, cultural, ethical and spiritual variables at the local community level. Selection and evolution will lead to producing new cultivars or local crops and the methods of grown and managed also will change and evolve. Moreover, the parts of agricultural biodiversity that will directly affect nutrition and health. They will direct managed to give people good and…show more content…
On the other hand, farmers have developed a bewildering diversity of local varieties of these staples and of minor crops resulting from ‘interactions with wild species, adaptations to changing farming conditions, and responses to the economic and cultural factors that shape farmers priorities’. Local crops are the goods of breeding or selection conduct by farmers. This has passed a lot of generations and natural selection. The concept of recognizable morphologically say that farmers have names for them, and different landraces are known to distinguish in adaptation to soil type, time of seeding, date of maturity, height, nutritive value, use and other properties Nowadays, just have some livestock species contribute to agricultural and food production because less number of animal species that were fully domesticated.. Similarly, the number of breeds that were developed in these domesticates was very much smaller than in the case of plants. Furthermore, research also notes that ‘With the exception of the wild boar the ancestors and wild relatives of major livestock species are either extinct or highly endangered as a result of hunting, changes to their habitats, and in the case of the wild red jungle fowl, intensive cross-breeding
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