Essay about We Are Losing The Truth War

Essay about We Are Losing The Truth War

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People have this bizarre obsession with a denial of the obvious. There must be an alternative explanation for things. A point of view outside the mainstream — intriguing and mysterious as it is — conveys a feeling of meaning and importance. Who cares whether it makes no actual sense, as long as it excites our senses. This info-loaded age gives our imaginations license. With access to so much stuff, we can allege anything and make it sound convincing; even reasonable. This is what conspiracy theorists do. Take this dot — connect it over here with this dot — repeat this process over and over — suddenly the White House becomes a secret cover for an underground world of aliens. Write a book stuffed with smart sounding references and — voila! — best seller and a cult following to boot. With so many opinions about so many things accessible online, the one thing buried, often becomes, the one thing most needed — truth.

We are losing the truth war. Ever waning, it continues to yield to a privatized and personalized societal mindset. I got mine; you got yours — the Millennials’ mantra. Metanarrative has surrendered to a fragmented world of individual opinions, pet theories and personal stories; suspicious of any universal law in conflict with a flight of fancy.

I suppose there is some justification in this kind of present-day paranoia, considering the long history of evil that has taken place in the name of such universal truth-claims. Many have sincerely tried to find objective answers, only to become disillusioned. It can be daunting. Some end up more confused than when they started on their journey — left asking, “How is it that there are so many seemingly intelligent people in the world saying such completely opposite and contradict...

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... the Bible, then test what I say with scripture. Don’t just assume it’s correct. If you’re a non-believer, open your mind to the possibility that there is something here worth considering. I’m not saying believe it. Use your reason and ask, “What are the chances?” While being a diligent skeptic, don’t forget to also be skeptical of your own skepticism.

Now, turn the page at your own risk. To the degree you find validity in what I’m about to share, to that same degree your life will change. Yet, whether you choose to believe what I present or not, your life will soon change regardless, because what’s about to happen is not dependent on whether or not you believe it to be true. Non-belief won’t change the reality of the change that’s coming, but it just might affect the nature of it. Knowledge is power, but only for the wise; for they are the ones who are moved by it.

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