A Comparison Of President Nixon And Obam Ending War

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Nixon and Obama: Ending Wars
Richard Nixon and Barack Obama both served as the President of the United States during wartime. Both presidents inherited the war from their past colleagues and both wars had been going on for many years. Both presidents have resolved the wars, however, the way in which Nixon resolved the war is more for personal benefit while the way that President Obama resolved the war for benefit of the nation and its military.
While Nixon was in office, he used the war to his benefit, helping him win another term in office. Nixon’s plan was to use “Vietnamization,” a process in which American soldiers would train South Vietnamese to fight for themselves and eventually drawing American troops out of the war (Vietnamization). At first, General WestPoint was in charge, raiding Vietcong bases and trying to eliminate them. The original plan was to use the body count to discourage any more NVA troops from fighting, but this strategy backfired because both Vietnamese and American troops had high body counts. General Abraham was appointed as commander and began the “Vietnamization” strategy, which only seemed to work in the public’s eyes. Nixon made a treaty with South Vietnamese President, to have a ceasefire to withdraw American troops and release American POWs while South Vietnam took over the war (The). Nixon planned to use this strategy to withdraw all American troops, however it was “worse, Nixon would leave North Vietnamese troops occupying and controlling much of the South, while withdrawing all remaining American ground forces (Hughes).” Nixon’s use of Vietnamization helped to further his political resolve. He “sacrificed the lives of American soldiers to further his electoral ends (Hughes).” The ...

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...troops are withdrawn. The government in Afghanistan will be able to run itself with guidance from America, shifting to the supporting role. Obama’s plan was more effective than Nixon’s in that it actually worked and did not need to be faked. President Obama’s approach to ending the war greatly helps to benefit America and its people.
In conclusion, both Presidents ended the wars inherited by previous presidents; however President Obama’s approach was much less controversial and more effective than Nixon’s approach. Nixon’s plan backfired and caused him to lose more American lives than he had planned. Obama’s plan focused on stopping American casualties and bringing troops back after Afghan was actually ready to fight for themselves. Nixon’s approach was selfish, while President Obama’s approach was used to benefit American and Afghan politics and society.

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