Watermelon On A Hot Summer Day Essay

Watermelon On A Hot Summer Day Essay

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The gorgeousness of summertime is best enjoyed with a juicy watermelon. Nothing can quite capture the spirit of this season. It is a time when most cherish every hour and every day. The season comes and goes faster then any other, and a new school year is followed shortly after. In this poem, the author uses adjectives to explain the significance of both the season and the luscious fruit that is being enjoyed. In a less clear way, the happiness associated with being young is also expressed. Clearly the focus is on the carefree nature of the season itself. “During that summer, when unicorns were still possible.” It is a known fact that unicorns do not exist. In referring to when they used to be possible, the author is mentioning an earlier point in life when the imagination was most important. The watermelon that was being eaten is usually served during barbecues during the summer months. This is a common theme in describing good times. Most people have a childhood filled with at least some good memories. In my experience, sitting out in the sun with some ripe watermelon and plenty of family was a common thing. Although there will be many more good times to come, the fond memories I have during those “first” summers will never be forgotten .
“When the purpose of knees, was to be scrapped” The author gracefully describes an image of a bruise on a child’s knee. Perhaps the mother was going to tend to such a cut. This carefree image continues throughout the poem as the watermelon is described as an “imperial fruit,” only to cause excitement and hunger. The spirit of youth is something that cannot be described in words. A child’s imagination of limitless . On a beautiful summer day, it is not uncommon for a group of explorers to sea...

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...fruit. For him, the fruit was favored. It was part of his youth because the tastes incited by watermelon were enjoyed at such a pleasurable time. Maybe it is the fact that stress was nonexistent, or it could have been the time spent with family. The sun and free time is a reward for hard work and at a young age, there may not be much work to be done.
The poem written by John Tobias describes a youthful summer enjoyed with the company of watermelon. For him the fruit is related to scraped knees, friendship, and parched lips. This is a time of happiness and joy and that why the memories are so fond. The watermelon comes into play because it is a fruit that is best enjoyed in the summer. The significance watermelon holds varies for every person although it can be said for everyone that during the warm summer months, this ripe fruit can only serve to revive the senses

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