The Water Crisis Between Sub Saharan Africa And The Islamic Civilizations

The Water Crisis Between Sub Saharan Africa And The Islamic Civilizations

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Jordan Yeoman
Mr. Dexter Christian
Ethnics from a Global Perspective
6 September 2016

For my Global issue I will be discussing the water crisis between Sub-Saharan Africa and the Islamic civilizations. I am going to talk about the ethnical issues of the massive droughts in the Sub-Saharan, and how water negatively affects population health in countries like Iraq for example.

Sheffield, Justin, et al. "A Drought Monitoring And Forecasting System For Sub-Sahara African Water Resources And Food Security." Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society 95.6 (2014): 861. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 6 Sept. 2016.

In this article, it is going to be talking about how the drought is one of the leading factors for Africa in their water crisis. It makes a point on the fact that they highly rely on rain fed agriculture. The article also briefly describes their experimental drought monitoring forecast system which is used to determine when there is going to be a drought. I am going to us this for my paper by talking about how much of a problem droughts are in Africa, and how monitoring the seasonal forecasts is very important to reduce integrated drought risk.

Rava Zolnikov, Tara. "The Maladies Of Water And War: Addressing Poor Water Quality In Iraq." American Journal Of Public Health 103.6 (2013): 980-987. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 6 Sept. 2016.

The article is going to talk about how water is the leading provider or nutrients, but when the water is contaminated it will only contribute to poor population health. It talks about clean water is a rare commodity that can lead countries in this area to drastic measures to secure fresh water for their people. The article will be very useful for my paper because...

... middle of paper ...

...negatively effects Iran and the rest of the Islamic states.

La Jeunesse, I., et al. "Is Climate Change A Threat For Water Uses In The Mediterranean Region? Results From A Survey At Local Scale." Science Of The Total Environment 543.Part B (2016): 981-996. ScienceDirect. Web. 7 Sept. 2016.

I like this article because it talks about how climate is also a major contribution to the water crisis. It talks about how in the Mediterranean is suffering from a huge water crisis and the climate have been playing a role in that. The climate change is predicted to drastically raise the temperatures in the Mediterranean and lower the average amount of rainfall they are expected to receive. I am going to use this to show that there are more factors than just the traditional problems causing the water crisis, and that the heat can cause a lowering in the about of rainfall.

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