Water Bottles And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

Water Bottles And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

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In 2005 more than twenty-two billion disposable plastic water bottles ended up in landfills or incinerators in the United States, that is an average of sixty million bottles a day (Franklin, 2006, para. 3). The wastefulness in the production of disposable water bottles and its process is just as astonishing. In 2011, an average 1.39 liters of water were used to produce one liter of water for disposable water bottles (Gustafson, 2013, para. 2). The water used to produce the bottle is the main problem; in the production of a one liter bottle of water it is estimated to require six or more liters of freshwater. Disposable water bottles are a constant contributing factor to the overuse of the limited resources of freshwater. Despite having many uses, bottled water generates excess waste that is harmful to the planet.
A bottle of water may not look like it produced harm on the environment and will continue to have effects, but the impact is immense. The first step of making a water bottle is blowing the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other additives into a mold to give it a tubular shape (Bono-Blay, Borrell, Guart, Lacorte, 2014). The tube is then placed in another mold that gives it the final shape. The tube is finished off with the bottom that is added while in the second molding process. The mold must be cooled, commonly using water to do so. Excess plastic is taken away from these bottles and they are then transported to water bottle filling plants. There the process is finished off, water is placed in them, caps are sealed on, and they are packaged and ready for the shelves. While it may not seem like much water was used to do all this, the process actually requires lots of water. This water is taken from areas where freshw...

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...s Flint, Michigan. They are also still around to the well done job of marketing that companies do, they make consumers believe that their product is cleaner and tastes better than tap water (Hu, et al., 2011).
Freshwater sources are not only limited in the United States, but also with the rest of the world. Disposable water bottles contribute to not only the shortage of freshwater, but also to the overall non-biodegradable waste. A very large amount of valuable freshwater is used to create a product that is intended to be used only once. This product, bottled water, is no better than the water that comes through the faucet in a kitchen. Not only does the production of bottled water add to the waste and shortage, it is also a very expensive luxury. To save money, reduce the waste on the planet, and to strengthen our health, everyone can use reusable water bottles.

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