The War On Drugs Is Considered A Major Problem Within The United States Essay

The War On Drugs Is Considered A Major Problem Within The United States Essay

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The “War on Drugs” is considered a major problem within the United States; yet, politicians and other prominent lawmakers fail to make changes to the current system. The current system enforces extreme penalties on the users of restricted and illegal drugs, which is ultimately why America has the highest number of incarcerated individuals in the entire world. A viable solution to this problem would be treatment rather than incarnation of drug users.
The article Reflections on drug policy gave many reasons on how treatment of drug users could be a more effective long-term solution. “Diversion limits the impact of labeling and the consequences of incarceration, and it also provides needed treatment that has a significantly greater chance at reducing drug use than the implementation of severe punishment”(McBride, Terry-McElrath, Harwood, Inciardi, Leukefeld, 2009, P. 80). After being in prison, many ex-cons are left disenfranchised and unable to recover from the problems that got them in prison in the first place. This creates a continuum that keeps prisons full of individuals who would be better off with constructive rehabilitation and drug treatment. “The public has a legitimate need to be protected from drug-related crime, but in a manner that neither exacerbates criminality nor precludes treatment and rehabilitation for offenders” (McBride, et al. 2009, P. 79). This evidence shows that the problem is known, and very well explains what needs to be done in order to fix this problem. To do so, we protect the public from the problems of drug usage by providing treatment to the users instead of disenfranchising them. This allows these users to correct their problems and rejoin society after treatment, rather than resorting ...

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...t intervene, so they are given a sense of security when dealing drugs. “And there is even greater comfort in knowing that, if you do get caught, you will not bear the full brunt of the law’s wrath because of your ascribed status as a young, relatively affluent, white male college student”(Mohamed & Fritsvold, 2006, P. 121). On the contrary, if this were somebody in the inner city, they would be shut down and prosecuted with massive prison sentences. Because of this structural inequality, drug trade thrives on college campuses, but creates perpetuating problems in the inner city.
Current drug policy is extremely biased, resulting in the differences we see in campus drug dealing compared to urban drug dealing. The constructed stereotypes and determined symbolic capital make certain individuals more immune to the criminal justice system when it comes to drug dealing.

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