Pros And Cons Of Drug Use

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There are two reasons why drug use ought to be prohibited, one is that it causes harm to the user and the second is that it causes harm to people other than the user (third parties). The argument that drug use causes harm to the user is supported by the fact that illicit drugs may can worsen the user’s health and in some causes can even causes death. Secondly, drugs can damage the user relationship with the people he cares about the most. When a person is on drugs, it messes with their sense of judgement and their reactions to certain things- such as they may argue with their bosses, their parents or anyone close to them for that matter. Also, people who uses drugs are more likely to have financial problems. Whatever money they get from working, they would spend it on drugs and not on necessities, and whenever they do not have money they will do anything in their power such as staling to obtain it. Michael Huemer argues that recreational use of drugs should be legal, because…show more content…
He believes that it is absurd to support that we would jail and arrest someone for the chance they would be behaving in any of these ways, such as being arrested for larceny and theft or for driving while under the influence. He believes that these are the issue of the state and not of the person. Huemer, however does agree that driving while under the influence of drug should be prohibited by law. Huemer states that we have the right to do whatever we want with our body once we do not violate the rights of others and since drug use do not violate the rights of others then it ought to be legal. According to Huemer, the right to use drug derives from the idea that individuals own their bodies and they have the right to exercise control over it. Individuals who use drugs are simple just exercising their right to control what happens to his/her body and they should not be jailed for
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