The War Of The American Revolution Essay

The War Of The American Revolution Essay

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Pow! Pow! Every soldier is looking for a safe place to use as a shield in order to stay alive, and away from danger. The American Revolution war began when tensions started to rise among the British authorities and the governments of the thirteen colonies (“American Revolution History”). This led to fights between the British troops that were stationed in America and the militiamen, which are farmers that fight in emergencies even though they are not listed in the military. After having many battles during the American Revolution, a turning point was finally made during the Battle of Saratoga. It was a major turning point that led the Americans to win against the British.
Leading into the American Revolution, it began when the British government started to tax the Americans on teas and stamps. The British raised the revenue on all of the thirteen colonies, which angered many of the thirteen colonies citizens (“American Revolution History”). Great Britain dropped the acts on the thirteen colonies thinking that they can have control over all of the colonies. It began with the Stamp act, which was passed in 1765. The Stamp Act allowed for every document that required a stamp to be taxed. After passing the Stamp act, many acts were passed afterwards, such as The Coercive Act. The Coercive Act of 1774 changed many citizen’s point of view because everybody believed that if they were united as one they would be able to go through all of the acts that Great Britain had passed down (Greene 66). The Coercive Act was an act that contained many different small acts that were put together such as, taxation on tea, or the citizens having to allow British soldiers into their homes. All of these acts that were passed by Great Britain was the...

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...The battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the American Revolution, starting with all of the acts that were passed down from Great Britain. The thirteen colonies decided to unite as one to fight against the British troops that were on their land. The war started out when America was losing due to having smaller troops and they started to lose hope after British had captured Fort Ticonderoga. But a better plan had came up as the battles were split into two, which led them to fight on September 19 and October 7 of 1777. The British troops started to weaken as days go on and admit defeat after ten days. This led France to become allies with America and as they fight together, America eventually won against Great Britain. This led Great Britain to shame because they were defeated by a small country. The hearing of guns started to disappear after America won the war.

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