The War Of Freedom During The Civil War Essay

The War Of Freedom During The Civil War Essay

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On April 12,1861 through May 13,1865 a greatly massacre had hanged America forever , a war was known as the Civil War , a war with almost nearly the same amount of deaths in all the nations war including the one in Iraq. Many Americans refer it to the “first modern war “ in which significant modern advances were used during the war , Many may argue that the Civil War wasn’t the second revolutionary war because in the end it had just worsen racial issues and equal rights , however the civil war did bring many good changes to the south , many black people referred it to “the war of freedom” in which they fought for their rights, and values. As well as Abraham Lincoln main goal to preserve the union had been accomplished . The Civil War had also had a dramatic change in slavery, and a nation as a whole who had progressed economically, and politically.
During the civil War many great progressions were being developed thanks to industrialization, some of these modern improvements used in combat was the modern rifle used for faster elimination of enemies, telegraph for communication, railroads created for easier transportation, and the first time ever where we begin to see the creation of trenches build for protection. A major modern weapon was railroads needed for an easier way to carry supplies and other necessities, Foner argues ”Neither the soldiers not their officers were prepared for the way technology had transformed welfare. The Civil War was the first major conflict in which the railroad transported troops and supplies”. Railroads played a huge significance during the civil war, railroad organized the soldiers better , as well as it helped the troops move faster, and lastly it would make it easier to move heavy...

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...our country and forever changed the way our society stands, The Civil War was a deadly battle between the Confederate States and the Northern States where it was the battle between becoming a Union or a separate country, then along came the war of freedom where many slaves lost their lives in the war to gain rights,freed,respect,values,and a better life for themselves or if lucky enough to know their families. In conclusion the Northern states did win the battle, and many African AMericans did gain freedom and a better way of life. Reconstruction then played a major role of the destruction the war led to, At the end many great opportunities opened for many people and thanks to the Civil War us citizens of the United States now know we stand together so we need to stop discrimination, racism, stereotypes, and other racial issues that try to separate us as a country !

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