Essay about Wal Mart Is The Biggest Retailer Of The World

Essay about Wal Mart Is The Biggest Retailer Of The World

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Wal-Mart is coming off a disappointing third quarter when its largest revenue generator, sales from U.S. stores, dropped 0.3%. The company also has forecasted flat earnings during the critically important holiday season. While lowering its full-year forecast, Wal-Mart still expects to see modest sales growth in FY2015 through the opening of smaller, more targeted stores, and its longtime strategy of lowering prices. However, there is some doubt whether these measures will be enough to stave off Wal-Mart 's competitors. Costco NASDAQ: COST is coming off a big year with more than $100 billion in revenue, 5% growth in U.S. store sales, and 7% growth in international sales. As Costco continues to challenge Wal-Mart domestically and internationally, some are beginning to wonder whether the Seattle-based company could replace Wal-Mart as the largest retailer in the world.
Target NYSE: TGT continues to battle with Wal-Mart for discount shoppers and even after missing its third quarter sales targets with 0.9% of new growth, the company remains a major threat. In addition to the established competition, Wal-Mart also must deal with threats such as Best Buy competing for Wal-Mart 's low-price market share in electronics sales. Wal-Mart must also handle a continued investigation into allegations of bribery for expedited building permits in Mexico and potentially other international markets such as Brazil, China, and India. In the U.S., the company faces continued criticism for its low wages and its opposition to organized labor within stores. While a debate on raising the minimum wage is about to begin in Congress, Wal-Mart employees and those sympathetic to their cause are planning protests at 1,500 Wal-Mart stores during Black Friday

... middle of paper ..., with products like the iPad and Blackberry taking the place of paper and writing utensils, distributing information immediately from any location where a signal is available. While new technology can empower employees in ways that were never even dreamed of five years ago, it 's important to remember that most new software and equipment requires some sort of a learning curve and adjustment period during which productivity will not be at its peak. Planning for any necessary training to accompany the introduction of new technology or software to ease the pain of newness and to allow productivity improvements to be attained in the company. With smart preparation and adequate training, employees will be able to harness the power of new technology and benefit your organization as well.

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