Wal-Mart's Impact on American Economy: A Double-Edged Sword

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Is Wal-Mart a More Positive or Negative Force in America?
Wal-Mart is a chain like stores. It operates in a very vast market. This company has comewith both advantages and disadvantages. It has changed the relationship between big-box retailers and manufacturers. This company has been viewed to be the core cause of bankruptcy of several American businesses together with a high rate of unemployment in the United States. Some people seem to be voting for Wal-Mart while others are not on its side. The supporters are for the company since it has enabled them to shop at a low-cost and at one-stop shopping. Others are against the company since its causing a lot of harm to the small businesses and to the economy of the United States as whole. There
When Wal-Mart establishes itself in a town, it makes its competitors to close their businesses since they cannot compete in the current market. There are several businesses that go out of business when this company sets up a branch in the town. However people don’t agree with this since customers are the ones who go to purchase goods from Wal-Mart. If there are people who should be blamed are the customers since they flock into the retail market to buy from them. This is the reason why these retail businesses are out of business. The reason that makes customers go to shop at Wal-Mart is that, there is ample parking, low prices and they also provide superior goods and services to the customers.Down town destruction started earlier before Wal-Mart was established. Wal-Mart is trying to bring with it new technologies that are aimed to cope with the current technologies. We ought to find new ways of doing things and this is exactly what is happening with Wal-Mart. For instance, Wal-Mart might be embracing technology to supplant it. Internet shopping might be some of the new business technologies that they are trying to embrace.
Wal-Mart is viewed as a burden to the government. The company receives subsidies that are in form of tax credits and breaks. It is true this company receives subsidies when they enter into some communities that have lured them to move in. But it is also true that Wal-Mart pays a lot of money in terms of taxes to the government. Remarkably, sometimes their taxes are higher than their

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  • Explains that wal-mart operates in a vast market and has both advantages and disadvantages. it has changed the relationship between big-box retailers and manufacturers.
  • Explains that wal-mart creates jobs locally, when the company is established in town, and imports a lot of goods.
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