Essay on Waking in the Middle of the Night

Essay on Waking in the Middle of the Night

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It happens more often than not- waking in the middle of the night. As I become conscious of my surroundings, I am filled with a sense of foreboding. The soft hisses and puffs escaping my loved ones lips while deep in the throes of sleep provide the only distraction from the all-encompassing silence. As I strain to hear the sounds of life surrounding me the ominous sensation of being alone, abandoned, is ignited within me. It feels as if my loved one have left and gone to somewhere that I am no longer welcomed and I must stay behind, long forgotten. As I open my sleep filled eyes the only object visible across the vast charcoal void are the numbers on the alarm clock, glowing a garish, violent red as if to say “we are watching”.
The metallic taste of fear rises within me, making my skin crawl. I know not what thrives within the confines of my house, be it monsters, intruders or merely spiders waiting to alarm. The atmosphere itself has thickened with the same pungent odor found only in nightmares, the very scent that lingers in the nostrils after awakening: a mixture of sweat, bloo...

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