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I always had trouble understanding others. Growing up I never played with the other children. My grandfather said it was because my mind was too busy thinking of brilliant idea to actually talk to the others. I believed him. I believed in him for 17 years, that all stopped today. It all ended when I was riding my bike to the local market so I could pick up scrap parts for my grandfather. He said they were for his hovertech76 His prized antique hover car. As I made my way down the pavement I saw the market coming up from the horizon and suddenly everything freezes The birds in the sky, the leaves in the air, my bike, everything. I can’t move my head. I am paralyzed. “What’s happening?” I thought frantically to myself “Someone help! Someone please!” But just a quickly as I was put into this horrifying state I was snapped back to my bike. Birds chirping the leaves hit the floor but something is different, I am in the market that was barely in eye sight just moments ago. I slam my brakes. Directing my unblinking eyes towards the ground I start to breath heavily. “What on Earth just happened?” My thoughts scatter, my heart begins to race, Darkness. I awake to lukewarm water dripping down my forehead from a damp towel. I feel a thick liquid against my back. I scan the area, Unfamiliar. I find myself lying in a cot in a filthy room. The sight room itself was depressing, not that it was in extremely bad conditions but it was all…brown, the kind of brown that makes you feel depressed. It reeked of fish and motor oil, one of the queerest combinations of scents I have encountered. My ears start to pick up the deep monotones of a man speaking in other room. In my drowsy state I couldn’t make out exactly what he said but I did manage to g... ... middle of paper ... ... but I wasn’t paying attention and there was a crash. I came out fine but you…I could lose you. So I took action, I took every part that I could from that old hover car and I fixed you, I fixed my baby girl. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, to tell you that you were different, that you weren’t all human. So I kept it from you. But recently the parts I used that day were getting old, collecting dust you started to glitch and teleport. so I called up my old friend from college, we used to major in quantum physics together, and he told me he had some parts that would work even better than the ones you already have. He runs a fish merchant booth in the market.” He hugged me, fighting back the tears “I just love you so much” I hugged him back “It’s ok” I whispered. “I forgive you, papa”. I lied. Now it was my turn to give false joy, it was my turn to pretend.

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