The Vital Role of Computers in Modern Healthcare Essay

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Computers are mainly used for medical education and clinical care. Computers are an excellent source of storage for patient data and history. They also allow people to access important information much faster. Centuries ago, ppeople did not have computers. Instead, they had to write everything down by hand. By writing the information down, doctors easily lost important patient history. Now, with computers, doctors can type the information and the data is easily stored. The data is also much easier to find. Doctors don’t have to go searching everywhere for it, instead they can just type in what they are searching for, and it is there.
Due to most doctors busy schedules, they aren’t able to see every patient that needs their help but they can collaborate better with a patient over the internet. People can email their doctors if they are having certain complications. Patients and doctors are able to exchange information with each other and solve problems faster. Due to the efficiency of computer network technology communication between people has become much quicker.
Research shows that in the last few years computers and PDAs have been the most widely used for education and patient provision. Rowe et al, did a study on the computer use throughout Canada and concluded that 38% of the applicants responded to having a computer, and 13% of the applicants were “very” comfortable with using computers. Then in 1998, Jerant et al, surveyed first year medical students and junior residents concluded that much larger rates of computer possession: 91% of faculty, 86% of students and 79% of residents. The survey also concluded that senior citizens did not have same skills and were not as confident in computers as opposed to the s...

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