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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Technology is the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.” However, technology continues to change the world daily. For example we use computers to enter data, communicate, or search the web. Technology helps everyone get their job done faster, instead of doing everything by hand. Everyone uses technology in a variety of ways such as replacing an amputation, stimulating muscles, or running tests to diagnose patients. I am going to talk about how technology is being used in Physical Therapy using computers, whirlpools, and ultrasound therapy.
Initially, computers are the primary tool in any health care field. According to Diversified Health Occupations, “Computers can be used for Hospital information systems (HIS) or Medical information systems (MIS): managing budgets, equipment inventories, patient information, laboratory reports, operating room and personnel scheduling, and general records (p.315).” It does not matter which allied health professional a person wants to be; he or she must have, “the basic understanding of how a computer works and a basic understanding of the applications used in your field or profession (p.315).” On the other hand, Physical Therapists use a computer to bill or inform the insurance companies about any policies or procedures that the patient was involved in. Also, they use computers to schedule appointments and save the information pertaining to the patient relative to their visit. Computers will always play a major role in the workplace.
Secondly, whirlpool therapy is another form of technology. According to, “A whirlpool is a large tub that is filled with water and the body part being treated is placed inside the tub;...

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...ude neuro and orthopedic rehabilitation, exercises to improve functional levels of safety, gait training and strengthening, and transfer training, sit-to-stand exercises, stairs, and over-ground walking (2014).” Based on the patient’s level of ability the Bionic Leg contributes a great amount of motor assistance to the injured extremity. The Alter G Bionic Leg will change the lives of many injured patients.
Overall, technology will always play a part in our everyday lives. It continues to be used in various ways. For instance, computers make it easier to find information and keep up with records. Whirlpools help patients to recover from an injury. Robotics will improve the mobility for injured patients. Ultrasounds help prevent inflammation and reduce swelling of joints. Technology in physical therapy continues to change and help others move forward with their life.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ultrasound therapy is a sound wave machine that produces heat to the body. there are four ways an ultrasound can be delivered, but only two are seen practiced at clinics.
  • Explains that robotics is another form of technology being introduced into physical therapy. the alter g bionic leg allows advance level exercises with more repetitions through mobility training.
  • Opines that technology will always play a part in our everyday lives. computers make it easier to find information and keep up with records.
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