Essay about Vigilantes in Egypt: The People Taking the Law into Their Own Hands

Essay about Vigilantes in Egypt: The People Taking the Law into Their Own Hands

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Can we take law in our hands? This is what vigilantes do. They are normal people who don't have any authority or right to enforce any legislation. They try to protect other people around them by enforcing the rules that are not followed. However, vigilantes might end up causing more harm than good. Recently, many vigilante groups appeared due to lack of law that is a result of the unstable political situation Egypt has been going through. In the last three years Egypt has been suffering from many issues like traffic problems , thugs everywhere and a remarkable increase in the number of harassed women. In Eid El Adha ; an Islamic celebration ; many people took advantage of the crowd to harass girls and the police didn't take any action and that's why vigilante groups like "Estargel" stepped out. "Estargel" is a group of people mostly men that wait for a man to harass a girl then they surround him and trap him so he can’t escape. After trapping the harasser they spray paint him with the words "I'm a harasser". Their dressing code is a yellow vest written on its back “Harassment Prevention”.Vigilantes aren't always good , but in a situation like Egypt where there is no law , rules or punishments citizens have to take action and and this is exactly what "Estargel" did.
Most of the people who are against "Estargel" claim that this anti-harassment campaign don't have the authority to punish the harasser. They also argue that this is the job of the policemen and that the policemen are the people who have the authority to do this. I strongly agree that when a woman is harassed she should go directly without thinking to the police office and file a complain, but what if the policeman refused to file any complaint. What if the policemen ar...

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...en to stop sexual harassment so far are inefficient. The report states that 99.3% of women in egypt experience sexual harassment(). “Estargel” are forced to use violence because other ways have proved to be inefficient and this may be the only way to stop the harasser.
Egyptians don’t respect the law anymore since the revolution in 2011, so “Estargel” are a group of people who try to enforce the law. They are not setting their own rules according to their personal opinion or preferences. Although, sexual harassment is illegal in Egypt, no measures are taken against the harasser and that’s why “Estargel” campaign appeared. Their only aim is to prevent harassment ; already against the law; and they don’t have any personal advantages. They are trying to apply justice and protect Egyptian women so why be against them while they are trying to help.

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