The Vietnam War Was A Consequence Of The Cold War Essay

The Vietnam War Was A Consequence Of The Cold War Essay

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As a young Vietnamese-American boy, I have always been curious about my culture and ancestry. My family has gone through a lot of struggles before coming to states, but I never had a history lesson of what their lives were like. Being born in the United States, I didn’t have to experience the hardships that my parents and grandparents had to deal with it. A big part of Vietnamese history is having to deal with the Vietnam War and the impacts of immigration. The Vietnam War took place in 1954 and lasted until 1975. The war grew because of the spread of Communism from North Vietnam to the South. Refugees had to risk losing their family, friends, and their lives in order to have a chance of survival. Vietnam faced many obstacles throughout history with the Vietnam War, struggles of surviving, the hardships of immigration, and adapting to a new country.
There were many causes that influenced the Vietnam War. A cause of the Vietnam War was a consequence of the Cold War. According to C.N. Trueman’s article The Causes of the Vietnam War, he states how the Soviet Union and United States could not risk going on an all-out nuclear war, so the Soviet Union helped arm countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, to reinforce communism. Also with China under communist regime, they provided to arming the North Vietnamese as well. During this time period, Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the communist government and with his tactics of guerilla warfare, he fought to keep Vietnam under his rule. Another cause leading to the war was when the French tried to reclaim the northern territory of Vietnam. As a result, Ho Chi Minh and the “Viet Minh”, which he calls his soldiers, plus the aid from communist China fought to keep Northern Vietnam under Minh...

... middle of paper ... Vietnamese immigrants. Some of these programs were English and employment development training so they can get accustomed to their new home. Vietnamese had trouble adjusting to a new society, but after several years they have bettered themselves to fit with the culture.

Map of the Migration of Boat People

Vietnamese citizens did not have an easy life during the Vietnam War an immigration. It was a struggle to get around to survive, having to make drastic sacrifices. People have lost family members and friends along the dangerous journey, and it was lucky to get out alive. I learned a lot about Vietnam’s past and a little history lesson about the hardships my family went through within my research. Although war ravaged many Vietnamese citizens’ lives, they fought and risked their lives to survive, which has molded a new and safer generation such as mines.

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