Vietnam War Impact On America

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The culture or counterculture of America was significantly impacted by the Vietnam War, and these impacts can still be felt today. As McCoy describes, “The Anti-Vietnam War Movement was on to something-an ideology that war was not the answer, and that, given a chance peace could work-and the movement brought the United States to a previously unseen cultural crossroads” (McCoy 100). During the Vietnam War, the citizens of America were predominately divided in two groups. The “doves” who were against the war in Vietnam, and the “hawks” who supported the war in Vietnam. These separate views in America would cause cultural chaos, and protest became a normal occurrence in the United States and around the world. When America first became involved in Vietnam the majority of Americans believed the United States was stopping the spread of communism and supported the government, but that all change in 1965 with the commitment of combat troops to Vietnam. As a result of the troop movements, the first major protest against the war in Vietnam took place, and for the years to come, protest and demonstrations would become more abundant until the war was over.

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