The Video We See Thorndike Using A Hungry Cat Essay

The Video We See Thorndike Using A Hungry Cat Essay

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1. In the video we see Thorndike using a hungry cat and putting that cat in a box in which food is in clear site outside the box, all the cat has to do is to find its way out by pulling or stepping on the treadle or pulling on a wire. When Thorndike first placed the cat in the box he was unable to see any flashes of insight and the successful actions appeared by chance and once the cat realized how to escape they were able to do it quicker and quicker. He doesn’t believe that the animals understand the consequence of their behavior until it happens and this is where trial and error comes from. Animals don’t just come in and see the puzzle and are able to solve it instead they try multiple things might fail or commit error a couple of times and learning from those errors they are able to learn and succeed. A real life example of this is for example a little kid being curious of touching the stove. The little kid doesn’t know the consequence of his or her actions. So when the child touches the hot stove and realizes it was a mistake to do it because it caused pain then the child might not repeat the act. In this example the child tried to touch the stove, ended up in error and now he or she learned not to do it again because it caused pain.
2. Thorndikes’s Law of Effect describes the relationship between the action or behavior of what one does and its consequence. It is clearly describe’s that when a individual does a behavior and gets positive consequences that behavior is most likely to be reproduced and when the action or behavior causes pain or discomfort then when repeated the response will be weaker. Such as the cat pulling the string to get food and since that was rewarding it will do it again and also the child touchi...

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...ble event such as studying to a more desirable event such as doing something one likes for example drawing every time one studies for two hours. Than it is more likely to increase the less desired behavior by the higher probability behavior which in this example is drawing. An experiment that I would design for myself to change an unwanted behavior is to decrease the amount of junk food I intake and eat healthier and pair that with my favorite activity such as running. Running is something I love to do because it refreshes me after a long day of work and classes. For every time I don’t eat junk snack and replace it with a healthier fruit I would be able to run for a half hour. Using the “Premack Principle” I am increasing my less desirable behavior which is eating healthier by using a more desirable event such as running to help motivate myself. (Chance, 2014).

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