Veterinarians: The Animal Healers Essay

Veterinarians: The Animal Healers Essay

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When your pet gets sick, you can’t send it to your family doctor, or give it Tylenol. Our pets have their own special doctors, known as veterinarians. Veterinarians take care of animals from all sizes, species, and areas. Veterinarians work in clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories, to do checkups, run tests, and make medicine specifically designed for use by animals, since human medicine can be too strong or toxic for animal consumption. Without veterinarian many animals, especially species running the risk of being extinct, would not have lasted as long as they have without veterinarians. Veterinarians, like most other types of doctors, are known for the vast amount of schooling they have to go through to achieve their right to practice, as well as, the large amounts they are paid yearly.
First, like human doctors, animal doctors check various parts of an animal for any signs of disease, such as, the ears, eyes, throat, and lungs. Vets administer shots and medicine for prevention and cures for disease. Also they take x-rays, and use other equipment to check the status of hea...

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