Essay Veterans Home Service Mandatory Q / A Account Review

Essay Veterans Home Service Mandatory Q / A Account Review

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Veterans Home Service Mandatory Q/A Account Review:

Warning - Please take action immediately to correct.

First, I can honestly say that this is the most we have ever communicated about this account since it opened in October of 2015. This update will focus on the positive and negative results I 've found which must be addressed as close business on 11/06/2016.

I have been monitoring this account closely since the new team lead assumed the role as I do for all team lead changes. At the present time I 'm not sure if this position is appropriate at the moment. I feel that he or she should have started out at as standard technician and after 3 months of service promoted. We are comparing customers comments and conversations which I personally had from the last year to the 11/03/2016 and the feedback quite different. The only reason why we haven 't acted is because of the previous high ratings on this account with Mr. Wayne leading the team so this is a warning and we are giving their team 24 hours to make adjustments and fix the issues.

Issues that need to be addressed:

1. Follow up after a ticket is rescheduled for any reason is unsatisfactory for the last two months. After the technician leaves there is no follow up. This is the reason why there are tickets still open. As, the lead technician he or she knows or should know exactly what is going on with the ticket and knowledge of what it will take to complete the service call since he or she is the main point of contact and the person who went onsite. If, the lead isn 't proactively not working on completing all open tickets this is a major issue. This account has never had this many open cases in since it first opened. This further supports my position on not being the lead te...

... middle of paper ...

...op significantly. 

Robert, if the above issues aren 't resolved we will take action and insists that the previous lead take over that responsibility in providing additional training or another person. 

These request aren 't negotiable and they are facts which I have analyzed and proven to be accurate. This is the only warning shot I will provide. My next step will be direct contact with the lead which will not turn out in his favor.

Correct the actions today. Again, this is a warning and correcting these issues will get the account off my desk but be advised the account is being reviewed daily now until off my desk.

I reiterate; I don 't give warning shots but this account has been one of the best since October of 2015 and one of only 3 national accounts so I want to give the time to fix it.

Thank you and have a great day, 

Pamela Roland
Quality Control Analyst

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