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  • Etymology of Court

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    Etymology of Court In this report, I have attempted to display a general understanding of how the word court arrived in the English language and suggest reasons for its evolution. Much of the challenge has been determining what of the information I could present. Length restrictions and the condition set out, to use The Norton Anthology of English Literature as the only source to show the synchronic use of the word, have forced me to take a more narrow approach. Since court is a polysemic word

  • Assault on the Courts

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    Assault on the Courts Fighting has become a habitual event seen in professional basketball. There has been a consistent decline in professionalism and morals predominately in young athletes. Before the Ron Artest event, most players were idolized as gods and portrayed as today’s heroes. However, a shocking phenomenon has risen as newer and younger athletes have entered the “new” NBA. Professionalism, morals, and integrity have taken a back seat to greed and selfishness. On November 1st, 2004, during

  • Juvenile Courts

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    There is ongoing debate as to what should be done with juvenile courts. Should juvenile courts be abolished or just reformed? There are a number of reasons offered for each viewpoint, and the ultimate goal is trying to figure out which option would be most beneficial for juveniles. Juvenile delinquency is a continuous problem in the United States. It is also considered an issue that all of society needs to take part in trying to solve or at least diminish. Despite the number of social controls

  • court analysis

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    Supreme Court of Victoria. This paper will outline a selection of many pressing issues noticed throughout my observation, more specifically those regarding the law and language in legal arenas along with symbolic and architectural traditions that reinforce prejudice towards those from a low socio-economic background and ethnic minority groups. Furthermore, it will argue how symbolism, architecture and practices within a court are in place to create a power dynamic and reinforce the courts British-'western'

  • A Hoax in Court

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    what is justice? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of justice is the administration of law, especially the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity. Meletus brought an elder man to court for corrupting the youth and for refusing to believe in the gods of the city. 501 Athenian male citizens sat in the jury to judge and base their decisions off Meletus’s accusations and Socrates’ defense to pronounce Socrates as guilty. Who is to

  • Court Hearing

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    Division of the Provincial Court of B.C., the elaboration of this paper is based on my observations made during a Court Hearing and from an interview with a counsel for the Ministry of Children and Youth Development. It explores my perspective on British Columbia’ child protection laws and legislations, and on the role of a Child and Youth Care practitioner in supporting and advocating for clients who undergoing these troublesome experiences. A few weeks before attending a Court Hearing, I contacted Wendy

  • Courts

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    The jurisdiction of the federal courts is defined in Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution, as extending in law and equity to all cases arising under the Constitution and federal legislation; to controversies to which the U.S. shall be a party, including those arising from treaties with other governments; to admiralty and maritime cases; to controversies between states; to controversies between a state, or its citizens, and foreign governments or their subjects; and to controversies between

  • Court Information Frameworks: The Court Case Administration Frameworks

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    The sort of innovation that guides the courts in fulfilling their objective of executing as a wellspring of data and expanding the general operation is the situation administration framework. The information frameworks are PC-based gear used to oversee data and help the work procedure. The court case administration framework is an essential information framework utilized by the legal branch. The framework includes five segments: key case data in an exceptionally composed configuration, PC projects

  • Contempt of Court in Canada

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    is concerned with the common law of contempt of court. More specifically, it outlines the arguments in favour of, and against, codifying this law. The purpose is to discuss problems with contempt of court, and make proposals to restructure the law. The first part of this paper will explain the openness principle, which is the balancing factor in respect of contempt of court. The second part will outline the common law offence of contempt of court and narrow the scope of this paper. The second part

  • The Hearing Of The Court Room

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    To begin with, as I entered the court room I observed seven long rows of benches, a table at the front with chairs, the judge’s bench and two televisions beside it and a substantial table in front of the judge with microphones. Also, I detected matters which I wasn’t aware of, such as a sheriff being there, sitting at a table with a computer and telephone, and beside the sheriff a small room that was transparent containing a mic instead. After the judge’s arrival, the hearings began, the lawyer