Essay on Vermont: The State of Nature

Essay on Vermont: The State of Nature

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Vermont is wonderful state with full of nature beauties, mountains and large rivers and valleys; and that is the reason for the meaning of Vermont is “green mountains”. Vermont is one of the smallest state in the United States with full of nature beauties. The history of the Vermont is quite interesting. Vermont is the one of the best state for travelling and enjoying the greatness of the nature. Major furniture and an ice-cream industries are in in Vermont. Not only the nature and the industries are great, but there are different sports in the different season. Vermont has given us best presidents like Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.
The history of Vermont is quite interesting. Native Americans were already living there for about ten thousand years, who were actually from the Abenaki tribe. During, this time Vermont was not a state and there was not even any name for it. Later, first immigrant people, French Colonists, came to Vermont travelled from south from Canada and then came to Vermont. The name of this state appeared after French Colonists came in Vermont. The name of Vermont is divided in to two factors: Ver, means green in French and mount, came from Mountain (Vermont History).
Later in the seventeenth century, some French military people came for settlement in Vermont. In 1724, Massachusetts colonists came and established Fort Dummer and became permanent in Vermont. After the American Revolution many more people came from different states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York and settled in Vermont. In 1791, Vermont became 14th independent republican state in the United States. Vermont was growing nicely and by the end of the 19th and 20th century, railroad developed and new industries an...

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