Colorado's Economic Success

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Over the years, the United States faced many economic downfalls. There were so many downfalls that a lot of people actually thought that by the end of World War II in 1945, the Great Depression would return. However, it was a completely different story. By the time World War II ended, the United States was booming with success, especially Colorado. Colorado’s growth and economic success had actually passed up the nation as a whole. Colorado’s success would then last for forty years. From the 1940s to the 1980s, Colorado was experiencing a powerful growth. Jobs and investments that were created because of World War II were bringing in so much money to the American people. The military personnel as well as their families had so much money that nobody was real sure on what they should do with it. The money was just steadily increasing. The prices of farm goods were beginning to increase which was pure benefit for Colorado (From War to Prosperity: 1940 – 1980, 2008). Colorado was starting to boom with success thanks to many different key factors. There were many key factors that contributed to Colorado’s powerful growth. Various states like Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Oklahoma, all had many residents that moved to Colorado. A lot of these people were either looking for work or living their life out in retirement. They were settling in towns and cities that were not so large but this was a big contribution to Colorado’s growth in the 1940s (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, pp. 318, 2013). Colorado continued to grow and flourish well into the 1950s. Manufacturing companies and jobs started to move and build their way up in Colorado. This opened even more opportunity for Colorado to grow. While people were moving to and visit... ... middle of paper ... ...being one of the most powerful women in politics and represented Denver in 1997. People looked up to her as she represented women’s positions in politics, child care programs, and fought to decrease the spending limits that were set for defense installations (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, pp. 480, 2013). Works Cited Abbott, C., Leonard, S. J., & Noel, T. J. (2013). Colorado- A History of the Centennial State (5th ed., pp. 318, 478, 480). Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado. From War to Prosperity: 1940 - 1980. (2008, November 20). In Land of Contrast: A History of Southeast Colorado. Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Patricia Schroeder: Colorado's First Congresswoman (n.d.). In Colorado Virtual Library. Retrieved April 10, 2014, from schroeder

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