Vaccines Prevent 10.5 Million Cases Of Infectious Diseases Essay

Vaccines Prevent 10.5 Million Cases Of Infectious Diseases Essay

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“Vaccines prevent 10.5 million cases of infectious diseases each year” (Refusing
Protection). A Vaccine is an injection given to children and adults. These injections help prevent
diseases, many of which are deadly. Some people seem to think vaccine side effects can cause
cancer, autism and other outrageous diseases or disorders because of that one article out of a
million that says so. Vaccination is a good thing because vaccines help you stay healthy, they are
among the safest,and most effective, ways to prevent diseases, and they can protect future
generations by completely eradicating deadly diseases.
Among the reasons there are that vaccines are a good thing, is the fact that they are meant
to keep you healthy and disease free. The way vaccines do this is by provoking a response from
your immune system, forcing it to create antibodies to fight disease. Once you have the
antibodies, you have them forever. They are there to prevent the disease the next time you are
exposed to it. Yet you can not get just one vaccine and never worry about disease again. Just as
this article says, “...

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