Vaccinations Should be Mandatory in the State of California Essay

Vaccinations Should be Mandatory in the State of California Essay

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Vaccinations should be mandatory for all children within the State of California as this will reduce the death rate associated with preventable communicably infectious diseases. Routine vaccinations during early developments have been historical proven to reduce the onset and spread of potentially infectious microbial agents. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, “Vaccines have reduced some preventable infectious diseases to an all-time low, and now few people experience the devastating effects of measles, pertussis, and other illnesses (Prevention).
Representatives, I’m sure that some of you in here, right now, agree that our further relies heavily on the children of today, and like many parents that’s we are, vaccinating now is protecting their future health while protecting that dream. Children that are not immunized prior to being expose themselves to a high volume of vulnerable recipients, causing sever illness for other children within the central location. Vaccinations have reduced our nation’s susceptibility to many debilitating illness and we must continue to do so on the federal, state, and local levels (P.O. 30-33). The Representatives of California have the right to protect all, including the smallest of voices and should protect all by mandating vaccination and immunizations. Let us maximize the billions in funding that the US government deems worthy for reducing communicable diseases: it starts here in swift rand decisive response for you, our representatives.
Representatives, mandating the protection of our youngest population warrant you’re attentions and only you can pass formidable, yet constitutional: enactments that mandate vaccinations or restrict the current Califo...

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