Using The Smart Goal Setting System Essay

Using The Smart Goal Setting System Essay

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Using the SMART goal setting system will help you maintain focus on your short and long-term goals, which will help to keep you on track (Lewis, 2000, p. 15). Therefore, setting realistic goals is important to achieve realistic and timely outcomes.
At this time, my short term goals are to complete the BSN program, while concurrently finishing rehabilitation for my back. Unfortunately, recovery is estimated to be 12 months, therefore, I still have around 6 months left in the process. In addition, I anticipate graduating from the BSN program in the fall. Once I have achieved my short term goals, I plan to seek out a nursing position within the hospital. After securing a job, my plans are to continue working for two to three years before entertaining the thought of returning to school in a MSN program. Specifically, I want to have time to pay off my financial aid loans before I start another program, as well as, re-evaluate my desire to continue my education to the next level. At that time, I will be 50 years old and I am not sure if I will want to further my education. My husband and I have already begun planning for retirement, and honestly, it does not include us working. He has already retired from the military, and is currently working on his second career. However, if I decide to return for my MSN, it will be as a CRNA. My goal has always been to perform anesthesia as a nurse in the operating room (OR). Therefore, if I choose to return to school in two to three years, it would be in a CRNA program.
In order to apply for a CRNA program, certain admission requirements must be met. According to East Carolina University’s (ECU) Nurse Anesthesia Program, applicants must have graduated from an accredited college with a...

... middle of paper ...

...e for pros and cons. If I decide to return to college, I will graduate at the six to seven year mark in my goal setting process. Immediately after graduation, I hope to secure a position within a local hospital near my home. While working, I plan to use all of the income to fulfill payment on my student loans. Once that is completed, I will be able to place my income it into a retirement fund. I anticipate this would place me at the 10-12 year mark in my goal setting time frame. Then, depending on my daughter’s progress in college, I will contemplate my retirement date. At this point, I see myself retiring from fulltime work 15 years from now. Then, I will begin traveling across the United States, with my husband in our motorhome, as well as, vacationing throughout the world. Indeed, it would be such an awesome experience to work at will all over the world.

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